Auditioning with the 85/1.4

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knox your photography is awesome

hey knox... i just looked at your whole gallery..

you got a signature style I like alot.. it's refreshing to see this type of work! not many people here in dpreview come even close..

knox wrote:
I meant this as second photo . . .

knox wrote:
Ok . . . Now we are "bashers" . . . last night we were "weenies".
There was a "troll" . . . . I am a "stalker" and I am something
else too (some other name, that I can't remember now). What name
is next?

Frank . . . . I shoot 'tight' (focus points / focal areas /
subjects) with a lot of out of focus areas to lock down on the
subject at hand. And usually it's shot from a fair distance, as I
shoot more of a pj style. I play with meter readings and exposure
in different areas so I move the camera around and then focus
manually. I don't have the steadiest of hands and my eyes are
getting bad close up so there are times I miss focus too. I don't
trust the focus indicator AND there are many times I want a
different exposure and focus area then where the meter is reading .
. . so I can be all over the place. I find I can be more creative
the more manual controls I use.

If you notice in this shot . . . the little alleycat's feet and
ground are more in focus then her face / eyes. Not my intent and
could easily be fixed in PS. My point being, missed focused points
happen to all of us.

This one, the letters on the tire are more in focus then the little
gal. Again, not my intent. I shot it fast cause I didn't want the
little street soldier to move before I got a shot. The shot still
works because of what it is. Nor is it suppose to be "pretty".
Still, the lil gal could be better in focus. No one is buying this
project for the clear tire photo. So . . I missed it. But I have
leeway in this matter.

Point being, it happens to all of us . . . when you have non
cooperative models as I tend to have with this project, and can't
ask to 'take that shot once more' . . it doesn't bother me all that
much. Nor do I care about 'perfection'. Though sometimes I have
missed a great shot completely because of missed focus points as it
is so obvious. Just part of the deal.

Though with close up portraits it is imperative. I hate "tack
sharp". I even hate the phrase. But when points are missed, as
you know it just draws your eyes (in people portraits to the wrong
areas of the image).
There is a point in all my blathering . . . .

Several times on viewing your shots I have thought . . . seems he
never uses DOF preview. I remember thinking that when looking at
your food shots, (where I would think you want the whole plate of
food in focus for a cafe's menu) or some of your people shots where
there 'should' be two people equally in focus, (when they are right
next to each other for example) . . . . one will be in focus and
one won't. In this thread you can see how the woman is out of
focus more then the guy, though as you know, neither are really
properly in focus . . . . Again, I have an idea DOF preview would
have assisted you. For someone to say it is 'creative' to have one
fiancee in focus more then the other or that it's tight DOF could
lose a job for you when they are sitting almost even looking
directly at the camera. Many people, especially those that don't
come from years of old time cameras when it was used all the time,
forget to use DOF preview at critical times and end up with this
kind of problem. Again . . it seems in many shots this could
assist you. I tend to not use it as much on my digital camera, for
some crazy reason, but use it all the time with the MF camera (go
figure). Maybe because I take the MF more serious. Or ACT more
serious smile . I THINK I am pretty good at making the right
decisions (camera settings) but get caught many times with photos
where previewing would have been so much better because my settings
were just plain wrong and if I had just taken 5 seconds to preview,
I would have known. MAYBE there is food for thought in this if you
don't use DOF preview.

Uncle Frank wrote:

scoobs wrote:

Is it time to wake up yet, or does Frank have to continue to defend
his photos to people he doesn't know?

Morning, Scoobs. I stopped discussing the photos 3 days ago.

But the thread turned into an opportunity for a few determined
bashers, who pop up whenever there's a chance to take a cheap shot
at me. I've been defending myself, not the snaps.

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