Auditioning with the 85/1.4

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Re: Knox

Greg . . . transmissions just go out, don't they? It's just that I am dumb enough to have an old Mercedes cause I am a whacko and enjoy wood dashes / hauling ss and all that stupid 'stuff'. So I pay the price at times. Last week I spent $1200 on the air conditioning, this week $3000 on a transmission. At some point I might get smart and get something that makes sense. smile* If this keeps up, the car will soon be worth ONLY what the paper receipts are worth that are in the dash for repairs. My business is terrible right now so I may be riding my dog around town.

Now not knowing where my motorcycle is is a whole different problem. THAT'S a world class problem that someone could get their ss kicked over. smile* . . . can't screw with a man's motorcycle OR his dog.

As you say . . it all pales in comparison to what some find themselves going through in a NY second in this world.

Re: alleycats . . .yes, it is sad . . . but it's important to tell the truth so hopefully people will become proative in helping them. As you obviously know . . the alleycat problem is a human problem. They are just trying to survive in a world not made by them where they were dumped or left un-spayed and un-neutered. I believe in underdogs. smile

EvilGreg wrote:

knox wrote:

Now . . . I hope the "job" works out if that is your wish. There
are so many more important things going on in this world then
getting too uptight about all this. Today my transmission in my
car went out $3000 at least . . . I can't find my motorcycle and a
few other heavy duty things went down. smile . . . and I am
the lucky guy cause I didn't have a kid who was shot needlessly as
they tried to better themself by going to school, so I would say we
are lucky guys whether people at a forum like our photos or not or
whether we get the comments we want or not.


I agreed with your whole post, but this part in particular. Gear
wars and petty forum bs seems pretty silly when you think about
everything else we all have to deal with.

I'm sorry to hear about your car problems. In my case I try to
keep my cornea problems and kidney stones and such in perspective
the same way. It could be worse, much worse.


P.S. Love your cat work, by the way, but the stories are too sad
for me to spend too much time with--in addition to my wife and two
little kids I also live with seven cats, most strays from the
neighborhood we used to live in.

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