DNG is the future for RAW workflow!

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.... and some comments ....

To add to the debate:

1) May be I get this wrong, but as mainstream cameras are not producing DNG out-of-cam, it is yet another conversion process in the image pipeline. What can be gained in imagequality in this late step in the process step?

2) DNG looks like an application of Adobes XMP system and Adobe owns intellectual property in this. Basically this is not wrong by itself, but the tone how this is sold to users and the preception which comes across is different.

3) Is it a good standard? The dependency on TIFF is many ways worthwhile, but how effectively are TIFF's shortcomings addressed?

4) Nothing prohibits Adobe to enter a license deal with the camera manufacturers (via the SDK). Ok, Adobe doesn't want to limit its product choices depending on the strategy of teh cam manufacturers. Its their right to choose this approach, but so does Nikon and Canon.

5) Adobe doesn't seem to put ALL it's weight behind DNG. Get all its products to read and write perfectly DNG. Create developer support teams helping 3-rd parties to ease the work, etc, etc, ...

6) As stated in an earlier post. Adobe hold patents on DNG. Contrary to Barry's statement, I could not see an EXPLICIT promise that Adobe wouldn't exercise this right. Or a future owner of Adobe in some years from now. Can't see if this acceptable to other big tech companies. Where is the CNS statement?

7) Adobe's ISO standard looks like a normative reference, like PDF. That's one way to get ISO approval whithout loosing control of the spec. It's a subtle variation of "open".

8) Just a question to our Adobe experts here: What is behind Adobes recent endorsement (with Nikon and Canon) of Microsoft's HD Photo specification?

9) To my understanding, a camera manufacturer needs Adobe's consent to add something to the spec. Or the manufacturer could go the route of a proprietary extension - but then the whole value proposition folds, as other 3-rd party SW could not understand this modified spec.

W'll see how it moves forward,

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