D80...meteing woes

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Re: Cheddergav Re D50

Oh yes, very true and I'm not expecting perfection, that would be boring

I guess consistancy is the key, and I don't think the D80 is giving that for a lot of people.

That's not to say I'm abandoning it, far from it!

kevm14 wrote:

cheddargav wrote:

I have read a few things about the over-exposing MM and find it
interesting that some people are defending by saying that you need
to know how to use it - if the scene is light, knock 0.7 off etc .
. . well hang on, isn't the whole idea of matrix that it does this
job for you?

There will always be cases where you will need exposure
compensation with ANY camera in matrix metering. But it seems to
me that the D80 will need it more often and in greater amounts
(almost always negative) than the D70/D200, which is the real
troubling part. I shoot my D70s in matrix with no EC and every
once in a while +0.3.

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