This is the only D50 keeper I have for everyone....

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kim kaila...

Thanks again for sharing your experience and thoughts. My first digicam was a fujifilm mx1200 1.2mp..LOVED IT!...I got rid of my 300D to help feed another addiction I have.."GAMING!"..;)

I bought a Xbox 360 at launch, and it died within 8months, SO, I was going nuts cause I didnt have the money to buy another one....SO I sold all my Canon gear.

Im sure im gonna learn to love this camera. I love the build quality, the quickness, and the look and feel of it too...I want to get a prime like I had with my 300D...I had the 50mm 1.8 from Canon...I want to get the same lens for my Nikon, but Im not comfortable buying anything else as of yet....Until I know for a fact im gonna be happy..;)

Thanks again to all.....................

kim kaila wrote:

try not to worry about the MP so much...I could have gotten the
D80, but 1, I did not want to spend the money and I am just as
happy with the D50. Also, I went from the Panasonic FZ5 which was
5mp I think, to a Dslro with 6MP! So I did not gain much there,
but just a different camera. Why did you change from the 300D to
the D50? I don't know about the Canons so I have no idea.
Actually, a friend from the Oly forum told me about the Pany Fz5,
which I wanted to move up to and so I just bought it. I then
decided to go dslr and the same friend recommended the D50.
Anyway, my 1st digital was 2.1MP, the Oly C-2100 UZi, my 2nd was
the Oly E-10 Dslr type, then the Pany Fz5.
There are so many wow photos here that I like and wish my photos
could be like that, but I have to remember that I also have a
different style. We all do, so you will find your place. Post
more photos and let us help you as much as possible. Also, this
forum moves very fast so your post could be off the page in 30
P.S. the below sig was taken with the FZ5!
Take care and HAVE FUN!
Kim K

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