s6000fd - Finepix Studio vs s7raw

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Re: s6000fd - Finepix Studio vs s7raw

Is RAW really woth the trouble?

I have taken lots of shots on my S6500 using RAW and JPEG Fine and almost without exception, the JPEGs look better (ISO 100) and adjusting the RAW files with s7raw doesn't make bring them up to the same level of sharpness as the JPEG straight out of the camera.

Of course, the other aspects of the RAW file such as colour, contrast, shadow detail etc may be at least as good as the JPEG but sharpness is still a little puzzling. I have looked at some images where I can see that it would be impossible to sharpen the softer RAW image to get the detail of the JPEG. The information just doesn't seem to be there in the RAW (unmodified ??) image.

Maybe s7raw does not do a thorough conversion. I dumped the Fujifilm software in favour of this because I could see artifacts when I loaded the RAW image into that package. Perhaps the Fujifilm software does some sharpening during the conversion process.

By the way, the S6500 RAW files have a 1600x1200 image embedded in the file which is what you see when you download initially into the Fujifilm software. Fuji are a little shifty here because they give you the option of improving the image (you would hope that converting a full resolution RAW image would be better than a 1600 x 1200 shot) when prompted to view the RAW image.

Anyway, I hope to post some comparison shots soon to verify my claims and I would like to know if anyone else has had similar experiece with the camera which I still think takes great pictures.



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