Anyone still using Nikon Capture 4?

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Howard S Passman Senior Member • Posts: 1,457
Re: To Howard and Mike Lewis and others

Sorry it took me so long to answer Fred. I go days without checking out this site.

To question number 1 my answer is "no". 100% of the shots that I process for use are converted in Capture 4.4 from NEF to jpg. I really dislike the Photoshop conversion from NEF to jpg. I think that softens it and loses some of the color. Although the latest PS converter works the best of the PS ones.

For question number 2. The tools work the same whether you have 1 monitor or 2. I learned how to use Capture from Ron Reznick and using his method you bounce a little bit back and forth (at least I do) between exposure and curves. I like having all of my tools open so I can see, for example, what effect an exposure adjustment wil have on the curves palette. Or maybe using the information palette to look at the shadow balance while observing the spot on the curves palette. All very handy and next to impossible when using NX.

I guess it's what you get used to and which tools you use for what. I happen to be very happy with the speed, color, contrast etc of using Capture and found the batch tool pretty helpful when I have to baseline a bunch of images quickly. The only thing I don't like and won't use is the noise tool. It doesn't do a bad job, but it takes fooooorrrrrrrever.

I will be very sad when the day comes that I can't use Capture 4X.



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