FZ50 non zoom performance??

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Re: FZ50 non zoom performance??

Martyn Welch wrote:

Joesiv wrote:

Blown highlights are still an issue with DSLRs.

Interesting you should say that - and I'd probably agree with many
DSLRs (and p&shoots) but one thing that really impresses me with
the DS is its tendency to underexpose by default, which is
something many have criticiised but which I find can be a bonus.
I photographed a wedding (as back-up photographer) and my shots
were the only ones where the fine detail in the bride's white dress
weren't lost. The pro's Nikon had taken some great shots but the
intricate details of the white lace were entirely blown out. My DS
retained everything and even after I'd post-processed the images
with an increase in foreground light to brighten everything, that
detail was still plain to see. At times the under-exposing can be a
pain but at least I know all the detail's retained - it just means
I have to p/process almost every shot in some form or another,
which is time consuming.

Yeah, different cameras handle exposure differently, especially when not using spot or center weighted. But either way, blown highlights is a limitation of digital cameras these days, and is kind of the reverse of film (film tends to preseve highlight detail/color, while losing shadow detail). Whether the camera underexposes to preserve those highlights is as you say a good and bad thing

I hear the Fuji DSLRs are quite nice with thier extra dynamic range with extra sensor, you can really dial back the over exposed areas which is very inticing for wedding photographers with the white dresses and dark tuxedos.

I'm with you there. How do you find the viewfinder's clarity when
compared with the DSLR's optical one? I much prefer composing
images 'properly' rather than using the rear screen and holding the
camera at arm's length (need reading glases to see the detail up

Well clarity is greater with the DSLR, and also no lag which is nice. But the FZ is MUCH MUCH brighter, and a lot more colorful, also more of a representation of of what the resulting image will be, which is handy. I go back and forth with the rear screen/viewfinder. if I'm needing to do spoting with my eyes, and then taking a capture while fully zoomed in (or nearly), then I prefer the EVF, since my natural "aim" is quite good with the EVF.

I don't usually do the arms length technique, I find it's not stable enough, I prefer to bring the camera down low with the screen pointed up, for more stability, or have the camera near my head with the screen flopped down.

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