Auditioning with the 85/1.4

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Re: not your best, Frank...

lmpmd wrote:

Paul, 1st I love your shots and the narrow DOF works great for you.
You have a great artistic flair.


That being said, when I and others see your success with narrow DOF
we want to duplicate your success, but many won't be that
successful. Many of our shots at f1.4 won't be keepers. And at a
wedding, a great opportunity (two people who haven't seen each
other for years, and won't again for years), or 3 kids who won't
sit still and you better get the shot now or never, the loss of the
opportunity could be devastating. So in that environment not
everyone can pull it off.

True, luckily for me that i dont do weddings.

For me, very narrow DOF is something I want to dabble in, try to
improve at, and I can appreciate the creamy bokey of the 85 1.4.
But if someone at gunpoint made me the only photographer at a
wedding I'd shoot at f6.3 or something (like the expert SamStern)
and a flash. Flash freezes subject movement, freezes camera shake
and allows shots with more DOF, and can be bounced often. I don't
think I, with my limited experience would try any f1.4 shots.

Id use a flash for challenging light situtations sure, but i highly doubt i go up to F/6,3 other then for the group shots.

But people here with a flair for low light shooting and narrow DOF
pull it off (or overrepresent their success sometimes perhaps). I
guess I'd play it safer.

True, i dont upload my "missed" shot, but to be honest i rarely have any missfoocused shots, knowing your limit for handholding and know your cameras af gets you along way.

The cat shot is great, but we photographers with our keen interest
in blurred background and bokeh may have an orgasm when we look at
it, but the average joe might say - "why didn't they get more of
the cat in focus" So maybe what I'm trying to say is blurred
background is great - but can decrease you "keeper rate" so don't
let it be your god. Good luck. I'm glad I don't do this for a
living. But, if any of you want a colonoscopy though, I'll do a
great job and take great pictures of your polyps!

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I agree subject isolation alone dosent cut, and to let the gear be the drive isnt very creative either.

So if one isnt comfortable at shooting wide open, then it be safer to practice at home. .-)

Ill have to gracefully turn down the offer aswell. .-) lol

Paul L.

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