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OK, and since you asked...

Barry Pearson wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Barry, one more time.

Can you say that you receive no compensation, either monetary or in
goods, services, or special consideration, from Adobe or any of its
subsidiaries or affiliates?


Let's spell it out:

OK, that was sufficient. Sorry to accuse you.

  • How to use DNG to avoid upgrading from CS in order to use a new

camera. (I expect I will extend that page to include how to avoid
upgrading from Elements 3 or CS2).

Now, that is useful.

But you're getting around an artificial limitation imposed by Adobe. CS and Elements 3 come from the same code base. There's code in ACR 3.X to disable it if you try to use it with CS, but allow it to work with Elements 3. There's really no reason, aside from the lockout code, why ACR 3.X shouldn't work with PS7, let alone CS.

  • Products that don't support DNG.


  • Links to potential issues about not copying all metadata across,

for example for ORFs (at least earlier, perhaps now).

Here is a question for you - why is it typically in Nikon forums
where this sort of anti-DNG hostility and ad hominem probing
occurs? (Not just in DPReview).

Good question.

If I had to guess at an answer, I'd say there are three reasons. First, because of all the DSLR manufacturers, only Nikon offers a really high quality raw processor. Granted, it's $100 extra, but it produced world class results (definitely better than ACR). DNG locks you out of Nikon Capture.

Second, it's because the Nikon forum is pretty much continually on edge. It's the main target of trolls (big enough to get a good response, but not enjoying the "favored status" of the Canon forums). So you have a constant barrage of folk like Daniella or T3 keeping the hostility levels high.

Third, it really is ad hominem, but that is mainly because of the way that some of the DiNGvocates present themselves. I'll accept your word that you're not affiliated with Adobe, but many won't. You simply don't appear to act in the manner of a free thinking and independent individual. You dedicate an enormous amount of time and resources to trying to promote something which is really very insignificant. It just doesn't make sense.

In a Pentax forum, a thread about DNG vs PEF would be down to fine
technical details by now.

Possibly because Pentax is one of the few cameras supporting DNG.

In a Fujifilm forum, a thread about RAF
vs DNG would wind up after just a few days in a constructive

Two reasons on that. First, Fuji's software is so whacked that it's affectionately known by users as Hyper Futility. Second, Fuji's habit of producing really enormous raw files (all data is padded to 16 bits, even though the cameras doesn't have 16 bit converters, and no compression) means that DNG compression can cut a file size down to less than half the original size. Nikon (and Canon) have efficient compression.

I wouldn't expect the attitude to be so hostile in a Canon
forum - it isn't just the fact that Canon and Nikon dominate the
market, because Canon dominate more of it than Nikon.

Canon's raw software is free, but that's still too high a price.

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Ciao! Joe


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