Wide angle for FZ50?

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Re: Olympus WCONs

Tom K. wrote:

PeterD07 wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion and it looks to be a great lens, but @
about $200.00 it's beyond my budget. Can you recommend a lens in
the $100 range?

You're in luck, go to the 2nd & 3rd pages here:


And there is the wcon 07 for ½ the price of the Pany yet the same 24½mm widening...
See my examples below:

The Olympus WCON-08 (or identical B-28) and WCON-07 have 55mm
threads and will screw right onto your camera. They often go for
much less than $100 on eBay, or can be bought outright for about
that much online. (The WCON-07 may need an extra ring between it
and the camera to get rid of a soft spot.) Read all about 'em and
teleconverters here:

If you're up for a little do-it-yourself you can make a
quick-change adapter out of a spare lens hood and a stepdown ring,
as shown here:

And videos of changing lenses here:

For more info on various doodads I've built you can look at this post:

Wcon 07 on Fz30 (24½mm):

Sorry the only daytime shots I have suffer from wind-blur & really would give a bad impression through no fault of the Wcon but I have a few Daytime Oly IS/L B28 shots on my Fz30 (28mm):

All minimally PP'd & no NR applied....
You could probably win a B28 from Oly for $20-$30..

But ya must understand, with either of these lenses you basically reduce the Fz to a fixed 24½mm & 28mm respectively... Any attempt to tighten the zoom immediately starts the softening around the edges of the frame till you're pretty much left with a warped frame with about a 10% sharp circle in the center @ full zoom, which for certain situations might be novel considering they sell filters for such...

FWIW, It's the opposite with the Pany or Oly 1.7x TCons though... Those can be widened to around the 100mm mark, remaining sharp before any vig sets in & I'll assume the same for most other teles.. Although the hugeness of the Creme-de-la-Creme Nikons:

Might even allow for wider still...

And if you're feeling particularly adventurous & with deep pockets maybe try this:


So you can let us know if the wide Nikons are as good as the tele compared to the rest ;-} I've yet to have read anything regarding the Nikon W/A adapters on anything although it could easily be assumed they may be as good as the Nikon Teles.... Unfortunately they're way too expensive for me to go out on that limb...

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