How to learn composition from a 17th century Dutch painter.

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Re: How to learn composition from a 17th century Dutch painter.

DRowley wrote:

As for photographers, we have to make due with what we have handed to us by nature (speaking as a landscape photographer). We don't control the scene like a painter does, we control how we want to capture the scene we have before us. A photographer has to use the available light. The skillful photographer is one that can take what he is given and making something magical. The objective is to use the rules to our advantage, breaking them if we have to.

Photographers and painters have the same challenge - understanding and using available light. True, painters have the opportunity to modify and interpret the available lighting situation, but this can be both good (eg Claude Monet's multiple renditions of Rouen Cathedral) and bad (Thomas Kinkade is the most recognizable example for horrific interpretation of light). However, providing oneself time to study and return to capture the subject, photographers too can modify the availability and cascading of light by returning when conditions are best.

LarryPhoto - Glad to hear a fellow engineer lamenting the same non-self-imposed limitations the "artsy" folks don't suffer

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