Is gallary 2 software for webpages?

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I use Gallery 2 on my website

The static pages on my website were created using normal web tools but the attached gallery runs on Gallery 2.

I'm no web developer (though I'm IT literate) but my son who built the site for me was very happy with the Gallery 2 software and tools. It is open source software, which means its free. Also that many different people contribute to its development and offer enhancements.

I've got it set up so that clients can see their photos (and only their photos) using password protected logons.

There is a sample gallery. From the home page select "Your photo gallery" and logon with username "sample" and password "gallery"

I'm finding it quite easy and effective to use. It is not difficult to create new users and to create a gallery (with or without sub-galleries) for each client.

Conclusion: I'm happy as a user and my web-developer "slave labourer" is quite happy with the development environment.

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