Latest Kodak 5100 impressions....

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Latest Kodak 5100 impressions....

So as I have continued using the printer more and more I have learned a couple of interesting things. Hopefully this will help those looking at this printer with interest-

New pros since my initial post:

  • Other papers print great.

  • Any photo Kodak paper- on the Macintosh (and probably on the PC also)- you don't have to fumble with any "best/worst" settings- it's recognized automatically and uses the best setting for that paper. Just load Kodak paper & print.

  • B&W text is pretty good

  • Printer is pretty fast. Faster than the Canon Pixma 4300 at printing high quality photos for sure

  • Black and White photos are one of the best blacks/greys I have seen (though they can have metamerism- see below). Better than my Canon pixma 4300.

  • Cheapest 10 cent per page package of Kodak still gives you high quality prints (IGNORE the PopPhoto review- they are either on drugs, or paid or both).

  • While the best prints are in Kodak Ultra Premium paper, the lowest Kodak Photo Paper gives you outstanding quality and is still very close to the Ultra Premium output.

  • Scanner works, and is pretty good. May require some color tweaking on the settings to taste

  • Unlike some other pigment printers (Epson) the colors in glossy paper are still glossy and nice


  • B&W photos have metamerism under fluorescent light. This is expected from a 4-color - like printing (the 5th ink is an overcoat). I have seen metamerism in my Canon also, but the Kodak has a little more

  • When printing borderless on the Mac, depending if you print with Aperture, or the Preview app, it will not be full end to end borderless. Aperture will print like I expect it to, Preview always seems to add a border. If you use Kodak Easy Share, then it prints full coverage 100% but it crops a bit to do so. I just wish this behavior was consistent in all apps. Again, this is on Mac, I am guessing the PC will exhibit a similar behavior.

  • duplex paper printing is an option (coming in June) and is MSRP $79.95 USD.

  • Using the stand alone photocopying functionality works but it's slower than you may expect. Scanning for it takes 2-3 minutes and then it prints however many copies you set it to.

  • Printer doesn't seem to have an auto-on printer capability like my Canon, when you just print a document.

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