Canadian price-gouging on Panasonic

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Re: Panasonic Canada will not repair

atomicfish wrote:

Just remember ship USPS only and you will
NOT get hit with brokerage fees just PST/GST and $5.00 customs
processing fee. As mentioned before sometimes they even slip
through with no taxes.

Lots of misinformation being thrown around here. As a longtime ebay buyer I am something of an expert on US to Canada shipping and here is how it works:

Everything shipping from the US to Canada via the USPS has to have a little green customs sticker filled out on it. If the shipper declares the value at something higher than $15 US, the package may be subject to customs fees and taxes. If the shipper simply calls it a gift and declares no value, customs may open the package and asses the value themselves and charge you taxes on that assessed value.

Unless they have changed the rules this year, the only way you avoid paying is if you get lucky. In my experience this is about a 1 in 5 chance.

The only surefire way of not paying is to convince the seller to declare the value as $15. In my experience, this will cause all small packages to sail right through.

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