Sell my D80 and buy a D40x ?????

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Re: Sell my D80 and buy a D40x ?????

I got a Lowepro micro trekker or something like that. It is OK. I don't like the goofy straps on the front, but I don't wear it as a back pack.

Leah .. spooky I have one of those (the smaller 100 micro trekker) .. nice bag/rucksak .. I am about to cut those 'goofy' front straps off!!

I also have a great Tamrac small holster bag which is ideal for the D80 + 18-200VR on walk about ....

So what made you decide to keep the camera after all? Just curious.

Well, lots of reasons ... but mostly ...
11 Point Focus Points
Wirless Flash (I have an SB600 like playing with wirless, great fun!)
Battery life (plus I have a spare D80 battery .. never have to use it though!).
Large Viewfinder
FV Lock (via programable function button).

Rear LCD protector (seems minor ... but is a nice feature .. better than stick on protectors)

RAW + fine Jpeg option (do use this a lot, delete the RAW's if JPEG ok... otherwise post process the RAW).
DOF preview ...
Speed and Aperture wheels ...
etc etc ..

But also ... I like my 18-200VR which when combined with a D40 would make little difference to overall weight than D80 ...

I might look around for a 2nd hand D40 + 18-55 if they drop in price.

I still think the D40x is a great little camera ... at the end of the day a picture is dictated by the person pressing the shutter, not the camera they are holding!

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