Old question - New to me 4/3 system

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Re: Old question - New to me 4/3 system

GoLowDrew wrote:

Let me ask you this, is 4/3 any good?

Yes, it is very good. Is it best for you? That I cannont answer.

Smaller sensors will always be at a disadvantage in noise, but the smaller size opens up possibilities for lens designers. Compared to my previous DSLR system, I find that Olympus has only very slightly higher noise. This is offset by the fact that my lens kit is smaller and less expensive, and I believe it is better quality. More important, I much prefer the Olympus color rendition, and the squarer proportions of the 4/3 frame are an big advantage for me.

If low noise is your most important criteria, then the "full frame" Canons are the only game in town. If you look at overall image quality, or if size, weight and cost are factors for you, then you can look at consider systems, including 4/3.

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