S1, E-20 or WAIT for S2, D100

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E20 barrel distortion at 24mm



for a review of the .5x attachment on a e20. Also, if you email me, I can tell you how I got the really decent price, which you might succeed in getting too. The e10 can be had for as low as $900 from a national retailer with a small bit of work.

Lastly, do reconsider the issue of the 1.5 factor--with a 16mm lense it can be overcome. I would say, either the S1 or E20 is going to work about as well for medical imaging that requires prints at 11x14 or less, with regular lighting situation. If shallow DOF is usually required, then the dust on S1 issue isn't a big problem--only at high f/11 or greater will you see dust specks on photos. Both the s1 and e20 have quirks that require some learning. But both forums have competent people ready to help you.

Cindy wrote:
Looks like the E20 is what I will order, I am tempted to wait for
the S2 and D100 but demand for NOW is too great! I really don't
like the fact that you need to apply 1.5 multipy to Nikon lenses
with S1. What about barrel distortion with E20 at 35mm. Has anyone
used the wide angle accessory?
How about closeup work?

Matt Hauschildt wrote:

Another option would be to go with the E-10.
I have prints up to 16x20 that are fine.
cost would be less and you could supplement the accessory side a bit.
Rather than use in camera flash I use a vivtar 285hv. I have
noticed that dedicated flash seems to want to carry on a
conversation with the cameras rather than get busy with the shot.
How are your images going to be output?
Pro lab?
Ink Jet?
consumer lab?
web files??
what are your output requirements? that may help you to determine
your input device.

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