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Re: Microsoft Color Control Panel App

Hi klinikl,

I just found out that, in fact, as you have told me, in Europe all these monitors (LCD1990SXi, LCD2090UXi, etc.) do not allow hardware calibration via the Spectraview II. If you want to do that, you have to buy a "Spectraview" monitor (that's how they call them here), and the price difference is 300 Euros or more (around US$ 500). So I'm definitely going to give up this feature, as this is way beyond my budget (for two monitors, that would cost me an extra US$ 1000). So my question here is: will I still be able to get a decent calibration (not as good as the direct hardware calibration) with other products such as Eye-One, etc., in spite of the fact that I won't be able to calibrate the monitor's LUTs? And does that mean that I will now be making changes in the graphic card instead?

Regarding graphic cards... all I know so far is that I need a graphic card with two DVI-D hookups. I suppose that for dual mode with Windows XP I will need to use the WinColor applet (as I'm doing now for a CRT + LCD). Does it matter if the graphic card is AGP or PCI? I'm thinking of getting the Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128. I'm asking this about PCI and AGP because when you were helping me setup the dual mode with WinColor, some months ago, I think I read somewhere that only AGP cards are compatible with this setup. But maybe I'm wrong.

Again... thanks a lot for your help,


klinikl wrote:

I think you need a regular DVI connector. Maybe I'm missing something.

One more thing I've missed - if you are in Europe then Spectraview
may be different from the US. So my links and prices may be
irrelevant to you. I've read that over there they actually use a
version of Basiccolor (a very good software in it's own right). In
the US some NEC guy writes their own software. My info may be
outdated - you better ask some NEC people.

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