5D Cleaning - Positive view

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5D Cleaning - Positive view

With all the horror stories of 5D dust and difficulty in sensor cleaning, I thought I'd pass on my experience in an attempt to balance things a bit - all the scare stories certainly made me a little hesitant in my purchase, which is a shame.

Anyway, just over a month old and a little more than 3k frames and dust spotting in PS was getting a bit tedious. Time for a clean. I've cleaned my 20D etc. many many times, so had no problem with methodology - Eclipse or more recently Sensorklear, but thanks in no small part to this forum, I was filled with trepidation when it came to the 5D

First a blast with the rocket blower in mirror box and under viewfinder screen. Like most others, I have lots of dust visible in the viewfinder, doesn't bother me, but might as well give it a go.

Next, reveal the sensor - wow - it looks enormous, and I can see getting at the corners might be tricky. Anyway, a blast from the blower to get rid of any grit that might be lurking, and a light going over with the SensorKlear.

Check results ... aarrgh horrible large black smear across bottom of sensor. Panic ... then revelation - I had shot the test at f22 though a less than spotless window. I've been caught by this before, and even posted here about it!

Reshoot through open window - result almost perfect ... one very tiny spot remains, probably not visible at f11 or less.

And, surprisingly, my viewfinder is also dust free.

So if you're comfortable with sensor cleaning, the 5D is no big deal HOWEVER, looking at the way the sensor sits I think a wet clean would be more challenging than on a cropped sensor, so I will avoid this as long as possible. The SensorKlear works perfectly and is shaped to work the corners.


Colin K. Work

Flat view
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