SP550UZ- Best Infinity Test....the Moon, of course!

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Re: All I got a was a blurr in auto mode, even with IS on.

I want to share my moon shot. Incidentally, I took this pic before reading this discussion on moon. I was very pleased with the result. I have no experience with any other digicam which allows manual setting and also no experience with DSLR. I shot the moon with oly550 in P mode, auto ISO (ISO=125), IS ON and stepped up exposure to +0.7. In camera setting: Sharpness = +2, Contrast =+1 and Saturation = +2. In my view, this moon pic without any technical knowledge of how to take the picture of a moon or anything else for that matter looks good to me. I am not disappointed at all with long zoom ability of this camera... I know from this forum, some of the settings that I can take care of and probably with a Tripod, a moon shot should come out still better next time.

Here's the first picture - original- without any editing

Second picture with some image editing in photoshop - brightness / contrast and colour

Third picture - original image untouched cropped.

Fourth Picture - cropped from second pic.

enthusiastic amateur photographer

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