What are your K100D jpeg settings?

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Re: What are your K100D jpeg settings?

I run with a mix of jpgs and RAW. RAW is very useful for being able to choose how the resultant converted jpg is exposed, i.e. making the most of 8 bits of dynamic range . The main problem with jpgs (Natural) for me is the too dark shadows and too easily blown highlights, the best fix I've found is to take all shots with harsh lighting or wide DR at -0.7EV exposure and keep the contrast down to minimum or 1 above minimum. This seems to effectively get the tone curve quite realistic (too realistic?) and all my jpg shots look better for it (IMHO of course), and if PP is added they look even better.

If no PP is to be used, I use Saturation 0 or +1, Sharpening +1. If PP is to be used, Saturation 0, Sharpening -2 and the main PP would be large radius (40) sharpening for local contrast boost (amount low, perhaps 20) followed by small (0.4) radius sharpening for detail boost (amount in the 50-150 region probably).

If jpgs are a bit underexposed, the easiest fix is widening the histogram in PP with possibly a boost in gamma to 1.1.

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