H1: Need advice... pls help

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eyong52 Regular Member • Posts: 112
H1: Need advice... pls help

Hi there everyone

I'm new to this forum and I need your advice.

A friend of mine offered to sell me his 1-year old Sony H1 at about US$150 and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile buying it.

He's giving me all the related accessories as well:

1. Sony Wide Angle Lens (x0.7), hood and accessories
2. Sony Original camera bag
3. Sony MemStick Pro, 512mb
4. Sony AA Battery, NiMH x2pcs
5. Energizer 2500mAH, NiMH x2pcs
6. 58mm UV Filter
7. Homemade Diffuser
8. Tripod, Fullsize
9. Neoprene Neckstrap

Yes, the camera and all the above plus what are originally in the box as well.

I'm looking at the H7 or H9 but they don't ship yet. My friend's offer is only good for a couple of days. If I'm not interested, he'll sell it to someone else. Should I buy it or should I wait for the H7/H9?

My hands are itchy and I'm very tempted. Please advise.

Thank you and regards.


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