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Great - blame it on ME!!!!!! ;-) Re: Approx. Measurements for 3471

Just kidding Claudio

ClaudioG wrote:

Actually I was almost sold on the 4 section one but Lil's post made
me think that it must be a real pain in the butt, day in and day
out to screw and unscrew all those locking stuff on the 4 section.
I believe that for my present and future need stability would have
been just fine with either one.

OK there's actually more than one reason for going with the 3 over the 4 section. One simple one is the one I at first stated - less screwing & unscrewing all day. Also & far more important - as my loving professional film cameraman pointed out & reminded me of yesterday. You're not supposed to fully extend the legs, about 1/4 of each section should overlap into the next section. That way you improve stability even more. If you then have 4 sections & you follow this rule you're actually loosing about one section in total on the 4 section legs. There will be less lost in a 3 section set of legs.

OK, this also corresponds to what I was taught when I went to film school way back when. So it might apply more to film as in motion pictures, but if you wish to increase stability you will allow each section to overlap inside the next about 1/4 to 1/3. By following this rule you can actually go with smaller sticks - yet get more support & stability out of them.

As far as portability both 3 and 4 sections are big mamas and I
dont see myself strolling around with those. For travel I
definitely need something lighter. With this consideration in mind
I went with the one which could make my life easier in a normal day.

Why should any of us have it easy ! ? I've been told it's not supposed to be that.

Do you think the m20 would fit the small feisol?

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E-mail them & ask...


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