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locking focus?

David Kilpatrick wrote:

focusing finely at 16mm as the A100 just can't adjust that well -
better results are obtained by zooming in, focusing, and locking
focus while going back to 16mm.

I haven't figured out a way to do this with my A100 without also locking exposure at this zoomed in view. With my 7D I could zoom in, AF, touch the AF/MF with my thumb, reset the zoom, half-press the shutter button to get an exposure, then take the photo. With my Canon 30D I have it set up so that I AF with the * button on the back that I press with my thumb and use the shutter button to set exposure. The 30D allows AF to be completely unlinked from setting exposure and the 7D, somewhat less conveniently, allowed the same thing. With the A100 the only way I can figure out to do it is to zoom in, AF, slide the AF/MF switch on the front to MF, reset the zoom, and then continue. This is really inconvenient and slow. Have you figured out another way?

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