How to shoot the moon.

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Re: Shooting the Moon is a work in process

It's a matter of timing. As the full moon rises, it's brightness is constant, except for the extinguishment due to air and lcouds/haze when it is near the horizon. As the sun sets, the ambient light fades steadily. At some point they intersect, and that is where you want to take your shot. I fyou want the moon near the horizon, it has to be the day of the full moon, or the day before the full moon, depending on the exact moment of full moon that month.

Here I should have used an ND anyway, since the moon was a little bright relative to the background. Some day I'll get around to doing a PS HDR type layering to straighten all that out. I actually pre-planned that shot, more or less, because I used an astronomical almanac to decide the day of the trip, and I knew the shooting venue so I knew the moon would rise just about where it did. I was lucky that the flock settled where they did. You need not only an astronomical almanac, but a compass to pre-plan where the moon will rise, and when it will rise. Then you have to assemble the birds, of course

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