G2 or Pro 90

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Re: G2 or Pro 90

Matt -

That's what I was thinking myself, as the 602 seems like an excellent camera and I was already leaning toward a 6900. But the 602 won't be at good street prices until at least August or September -- that's a long time to wait if your current set-up isn't very current. I really like the 602 and will probably own one someday, but my new Pro90 arrives today by UPS, and I'm thrilled.


Matt Gannon wrote:
Do yourself a favor and wait for the release of the Fuji S602.
It's worth waiting an extra few weeks.


g crawford wrote:
Thanks to everyone for your advice. I'm leaning toward the Pro 90
as I can't see myself getting any satisfaction trying to live
without at least 300mm.

Gary Berg wrote:
If you want a long zoom, or you are used to an SLR, the Pro 90 is a
great camera. I suppose the F707 is a possibility, as is the
Olympus 2100UZ (same great lens, 2MP camera instead of 2.6MP). I'd
skip the C-700, as this is a P&S with 10X zoom but it's not the
Canon IS lens which the Pro 90 and 2100UZ share.

Matt Gannon wrote:

I used a Pro90 for the first time today, and to be honest I don't
like it as much as the G2. The Zoom was impressive, but that
pop-up flash drove me nuts - clicking and claking everytime you
take a shot. Very annoying.

The menu system and everything else is just like a G2. It was not
a bad cam at all - but unless you absolutely need 10x Zoom, go with
the latest technology - the G2.

I actually used the F707 as well...very impressive also.


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