Gallery Portfolio or Stock Site???

Started Mar 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP Martin0001 New Member • Posts: 23
Re: Gallery Portfolio or Stock Site???

To be honest I am looking at every site that is suggested and weighing up the pro's and cons of them all, from styling, cost of the site, storage allowed and security.....

My site will probably be black and white or shades thereof and there are colour schemes in Smugmug and Zenfolio that allow for this without having to do it all myself. They are both very stylish sites....

These two are coming out on top at the moment - Zenfolio is better on price.....for the pro option

I did my own website some time ago so know exactly what the problems are!!!

I too would be interested to know how successful all you people are at selling the pictures. I would hope a few of my closeup flower heads and plants may make it into a magazine or book or something like that!

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