Looks like the 55-200mm VRs are available.

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Re: I got one on my D40 right now.

A crappy set of pics and an even worse 'test' method but here they are just to give you an idea...

All photos were handheld in 'A' mode with a D40. Shot in raw, converted to jpg and resized. NO PP. White balance was set at auto (a bit off) and yes, the flowers are fake.

VR Lens:

VR OFF at 55mm in low light outside::

VR ON at 55mm:

VR OFF at 200mm indoors:

VR ON at 200mm:

18-55 II kit lens at 55mm (I walked in closer to frame):

55-200VR at 55mm (I failed miserably trying to frame the same shot after changing the lens):

A few comments:

  • It seems that VR does not like burst mode. I got a lot of blurred shots when I burst multiple shots (vs off). Firing off single shots at a time, I consistantly got sharper pictures (vs off). Other VR owners, please chime in if this is normal?

  • I haven't had a chance to use the lens in good natural light yet.

  • In low light, VR helps a great deal but it is no substitute for a tripod if you're looking for tack sharp.

  • Focus is fairly quick, even in low light, on par with the kit lens.

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