18-70 vs. 18-135 on a D50

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Re: 18-70 vs. 18-135 on a D50

1. That depends on whether or not if will meet your shooting needs, now. If, it does, than purchase the lens. I have never waited for a "speculated future lens", to arrive on the scene, when one with well-tested qualities was already available for me to purchase.

2. I received the Nikkor 18-70mm lens as a Kit lens with one of my D200 Bodies--------- but, it's a keeper, no matter what other lenses, I now have. It's also a perfect companion lens with the Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens, when traveling light, and these two lenses, even use the same filter size.

So, I would say, go for it, if it meet the shooting needs you have now ..
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