Toronto Star FZ50 Flyer ==> "Point-and-Shoot with dSLR Features"

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Toronto Star FZ50 Flyer ==> "Point-and-Shoot with dSLR Features"

The Toronto Star had a very interesting Panasonic advertizing flyer today.

In that flyer the first line under the FZ50 was "Point-and-Shoot with dSLR Features". I find it very funny that Pana continually call the FZ30 and FZ50 a "point and shoot" camera.

There are very few cameras today that don't have automatic settings so almost every single camera is point and shoot. But what does point and shoot really mean and is the FZ30/50 a good point and shoot camera?

I would say that the FZ30/50 has some of the features of a good point and shoot but just isn't a very good "point and shoot" camera.

The FZ30/50 is a great all-around camera so I won't bother describing it's positive aspects. We all know that used properly the FZ30/50 produces great pictures.

Why it is not a good point and shoot camera:

1) It is way too big to lug around if all you want is point and shoot. Other manufacturers, including Pana make much smaller cameras that are really point and shoot that are 1/5 the size and weight of the FZ30/50 and for the most part the output is similar.

2) The FZ30/50 isn't so great in low light without a flash, a condition that comes up quite often shooting indoors. The limited usable ISO also makes it hard to freeze action for moving or slightly moving subjects unless you want to lose detail and shoot at ISO800. There are ways around this but not "point and shoot" ways.

2) Under many situations you need a powerful external flash to make good use of the 12x zoom further taking from "point and shoot"

IMO, the FZ30/50 is for results oriented photographers who want everything in one package and are willing to accept the small compromises associated with that. Not very marketable sounding ...... and since camera companies make $$$$ selling the extras like lenses not really what they want to say either.

A better marketing slogan "The FZ50... for the serious photographer... everything you need, nothing you don't". (except for a clean detailed ISO800)


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