Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

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Re: Great solution! Bluetooth wireless connection?

LongTimeNikonUser wrote:

Where did you get the Nikon 10 pin connector? And is there even a
source for the 10pin female connector.

The only way you get both at once is to get a Nikon MC-21 (beside the MC-35).

Once you have that connector, then it's easy to add an MC-36 or
similar for the self-timer function.

For me it makes no sense to add a 10 pin female connector because it's way to expensive - using a 2.5mm jack is much more effective. And why do you want an additional self timer?

Of all the discussions about adding GPS to a D200/D2X, I like this
approach the best. Now how about somehow adding a Bluetooth-to-??
adapter so you don't need to mount the GPS on/near the camera?


Why do you want to add one here - and do you like this solution most? There have already been lot's of self made Bluetooth solutions shown here.


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