Canons ultimate 24mm lens?

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Agreed, Distagon

The CZ clearly has wins in edge sharpness - look at the tree detail off to the left. At first I wondered if the leaves were moving due to more wind in the 24L shot than the Distagon shot, but this difference in sharpness is the same in the sticks and pebbles at the edge of the dirt track.

However, I think the 24L just shades it in centre sharpness. This is less straightforward though, because I was looking at the buildings in the middle distance. Shooting a landscape with f/5.6 is not an ideal test, but you did mention your focus point, so it is valid. I specifically looked at the right edge of the frame, where a bridge can be seen in the distance. It is clearly sharper with the CZ.

Let's be honest, there isn't that much between these two lenses in terms of IQ on an A4 size print. Saturation is pretty much the same. The Canon has more purple fringing on the lamp poles on the car park (typical of lenses this fast).

I take it you shot on a solid tripod again.

Hmmm, I didn't think my copy of the 24L was that bad - maybe I should try a test too....this is your fault ;O)

The problem is that I cannot test mine at the edges - I'm only using a crop camera. Additionally, the ability to use the 24L on FF is a big reason for me to upgrade. I need to be absolutely sure that the edges on my copy are sharper than your test showed at f/5.6. Looks like I may have to drop into a camera store this w/e and borrow a 5D...

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