How to shoot the moon.

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Re: How to shoot the moon.

The glow around the moon, if it made it into your images, is clouds or dense haze. Any time you see that, you aren't going to get the best image. You want a clear night and you want to shoot with the moon well ab ove the horizon- the higher the better because the less air is between you and the moon. On a clear night there should be no glow in the image, although you will generally see a faint glow visually.

Most phases of the moon work out to a couple stops below sunny 16. Shoot manual exposure, spot metered, so that you don;t have to have the moon on the focus bracket spot i order to get a good exposure. Check your histogram and get the highlights somewhere between the beginning and middle of the 4th quadrant of the histogram (luminosity 192-220 or so).

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