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Re: I'm just a simple boiler mechanic

Chato wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Both of you are missing the entire point of my post, which is to
look at the science itself, not the personalities behind the
hysteria. If I have gotten any facts wrong, point them out. If not,
the numbers speak for themselves, and no amount of blather can
change those numbers. Human activity can contribute to no more than
0.117% of the greenhouse effect.

Do you understand that?

Gary Eickmeier

But I know a bit about "balance."

I haven't cleaned the boiler in my building in ten years. It's
supposed to be done every year. But I fiddle with it all the time.
Now if there is a 0.117 percent increase in unburned fuel oil, my
boiler will plug up with soot at the end of ONE WINTER, let alone

Now your OBJECTIVITY is questionable at best. When someone's
argument consists of calling the scieintific consensus of
climatologists "hysteria" I question your thinking process.

What is a "balance" And if you have a balance, how much does it
take to upset it?

In this case your numbers are off anyway, the actual number of the
human contribution is 0.28 percent. This includes methane, nitrous
oxide, etc. But our contribution is far greater than that because
we have also eliminated the ability of the land to absorb these
same green house gases. We cut down forest at the rate of two
square miles every 15 minutes. Cutting down forests and land use
policies are also "human activities."

When climatologists state that the present cycle of global warming
is cause by "human activity" they are talking about the balance as
a whole and not one aspect of our actions.

Now going back to the question of balance, the earth is a totality
which over billions of years have adapted to this balance. An Ice
age, or Global warming can occur without any help from people. From
a geological perspective this takes place over relatively short
periods of time - However, the changes that we are witnessing today
are taking place, from a geological perspective, over the course of
a split second.

In a mere 60 years numerous species of animals have moved north hy
hundreds of miles. This is something that is unprecedented. The sea
is rising at a rate that is unprecedented and more importantly the
levels of CO2 are rising at a rate that is unprecedented.

It is the totality of our activities that are the question, not a
statistic without a context.

A balance can be upset by a very tiny amount - and we are the
witness to that change.

Bluebonnets are hitting their peak around here right about now. When I was a kid, it used to be the 1st to 2nd week of April.


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