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Gary Eickmeier wrote:

TomFid wrote:

The complexity of the problem is beside the point. Climate is just
the statistics of weather. Weather is chaotic, which means that in
principle you can't forecast it very far ahead. However, it doesn't
necessarily follow that you can't predict climate, because the
envelope within which weather moves is - as far as we know - not
chaotic over the time scale we're interested in (a century or so).
That's why you can be sure it will be colder in February than in
June, even though you can't say what the weather will be next
February 12th.

One of the more comical elements of the Global Warming hoax is
trying to prove it is happening by showing melting ice caps and
stranded polar bears. I don't think those effects would be
observable because of an increase of a half a degree in a century.
Is that what they are trying to tell us?

Actually, according to NASA, the Arctic has increased 2 degrees in just the last two decades. The lower range of the ice cap is pretty much the melting point (obviously). If the temperature raises any it causes the ice to receed. It's only comical to those that ignore the actual data.


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