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Re: Ahh, but his point is

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Chato wrote:

dipics wrote:

Dr Singer has been for sale for quite some time now. Singer is
also "skeptical" about the connection between CFCs and ozone
depletion, between ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer and
between second hand smoke and lung cancer.

Pretty much any actual science that makes someone look bad, Dr.
Singer is there to call it "junk" science, for a price.


that the overwhelming majority of scientists are for sale and will
do everything they can do promote this "hysteria" in order to gain
grant monies or "be fired."

This must explain why the present administration is buisily engaged
in censoring the reports coming out of NASA; must explain why they
actively censor their OWN reports from their OWN EPA departments.

But I know what he would reply to both of my above statements.

"These scientists are looking ahead to when they wont be working
for the government, so they lie now in order to get future grants."

Sorry for this phony quote, but I am sick and tired of labeling the
entire field of scieince as for sale, and THIS while Exxon Moble
publicly offers money to people to "refute" global warming.

Both of you are missing the entire point of my post, which is to
look at the science itself, not the personalities behind the
hysteria. If I have gotten any facts wrong, point them out. If not,
the numbers speak for themselves, and no amount of blather can
change those numbers. Human activity can contribute to no more than
0.117% of the greenhouse effect.

Do you understand that?

Gary Eickmeier

Of course I understand it. Oversimplified blather is usually easy to understand. But, Tom Fid said it better than I could below:

CO2 has increased at least 25%, not the 2.33% he states. It has gone from 180-300 PPM to 375 PPM, this increase can be traced to us human types. Period. Some from those SUV's, some from just burning forests. Any amount it increases that causes any warming ALSO increases the amount of that "800 pound gorilla" water vapor in the air due to greater evaporation.

Or, as my father would have said, "figures don't lie but liars can figure". The "science" you quoted is of a level to be expected from someone that sells whatever result his clients ask for.


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