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Re: More ignorance...

Ryan, the reference you provided by Khilyuk and Chilingar is one of the most dubious scientific papers I've ever read. Let me give you a quote from the retributtal by Aeschbach-Hertig (Aeschbach-Hertig W Rebuttal of “On global forces of nature driving the Earth's climate. Are humans involved?” by L. F. Khilyuk and G. V. Chilingar. Environmental Geology):

"A highlight of the outgassing theory of Khilyuk and
Chilingar (2006) is their comparison of the total
anthropogenic carbon dioxide emission of 1.003 · 10e18 g
with the hypothesized total mass of CO2 degassed from
the mantle throughout geologic history of 4.63 · 10e23 g.
This is used to declare that the total anthropogenic CO2
emission ‘‘constitutes less than 0.00022% of the total
CO2 amount naturally degassed from the mantle during
geologic history’’ and conclude that ‘‘the anthropogenic
carbon dioxide emission is negligible (indistinguishable)
in any energy-matter transformation processes changing
the Earth’s climate’’. It seems that the authors forgot to
take the time factor into account. The anthropogenic
emission happened during 200 years, whereas the natural
degassing during geologic history spanned 4.5 billion
years. Thus, the above numbers yield a yearly anthropogenic
flux that is about 50 times larger than the mantle
degassing flux, which hardly is negligible. It appears that
the authors assume that the 4.63 · 10e23g of CO2 degassed
from the mantle all remained in the atmosphere.
Yet, the present day atmosphere contains less than
3 · 10e18 g of CO2, and compared to this number the total
anthropogenic CO2 emission of 1 · 10e18g certainly is

So, it goes on and on. From my view the question is not so much whether human activity contribute to global warming but to what extent it does. In all circumstances, there are a number of undesirable side effects by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases such as acidification of the oceans and destruction of the ozone layer.

No, the progress by humanity is not halted by implementing policies that takes care of our planet. We have already developed a range a technologies that can help us in achieving that goal. However, we still have a long way to go and currently we are not ready to leave fossil based energy sources. It's a gradual process. So the sooner we put more resources into developing sustainable technologies the sooner we can implement them and stop playing havoc with this beautiful planet.

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