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Let's put things into perspective

Tom Rowland wrote:

Posting ppm of CO2 is increasing does not address the issue of
natural and manmade contributions to that increase. There also
seems to be an agreement that man made CO2 sources are smaller (by
an order of magnititude) than natural ones.

Is human activity the ultimate deciding factor in climate?

A glance at the Sun reveals that primary fallacy. We are clearly not living on a world whose temperature hovers around absolute zero.

Life has been evolving on our planet for billions of years, and this has resulted in a balance. It is this balance that we are talking about.

The reason climatologists mocked environmentalists is that the simple truth is, that we CAN have an ice age, or we CAN have global warming, and it would have nothing to do with human acvtivity - Any more than some giant meteor crashing down in Yucatan is under our control.

Nonetheless this balance exists. Present life itself is a product of this balance.

Balances are very easy to tip. Humans ARE and have been responsible for climate change. Even on the macro level this has long been true. You eliminate all the forests over a wide enough area and the local climate changes. This has been established science long before the question of global warming came up.

We create these macro changes all the time. It's one of the reasons that Urban areas are warmer than the surrounding countryside.

Now we've been pumping huge amounts of heat trapping gasses into the atmosphere. Does it matter if they are a small percent of the total amount? They have altered the balance, and once that balance is altered, change in unexpected directions will ensue.

So the science of climatology went from scepticism to agreement with the more rational of the environmental critics. They have gone along reluctantly, but the data has mounted and denial has become harder and harder to support.

There are no longer ANY scientists who deny that we are witnessing global warming, and only a tiny handful who deny that this PRESENT global warming is human made. Moreover, unlike other periods of glaciation or warming, in geological terms, this is occuring over a second of time.


We are NOT Gods who have the power to destroy the earth and destroy all life on our planet. But we do have the power to destroy our civilisation, as humans have done in the past.

Easter Island was once a semi-tropical paradise. It is now a dry, almost desert like island.

What was it like to witness the cutting down of the last remaining trees on Easter Island?

Were they too in denial? Did they say that sparing those last trees was too much of a sacrifice to a culture based on using wood?

Easter Island had a population at one time of over 40,000 people. When it was "discovered" it had a population of 2,000.

Yes indeed, we are NOT Gods, but that doesn't mean we have to be fools.


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