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Dominic Groß wrote:

Tom Rowland wrote:

Most of what is called global warming is really a discussion about
how much infra red blocking atoms and molecules slow down the rate
of global cooling. The infra red blocking stuff is composed of
about 95% water vapor and 5% CO2 (but some guys say it is closer to
97% water and 3% CO2).

Actually the numbers are a bit different, depending on the source
greenhouse gases are responsible for maybe 15-40% of the blocking,
if I recall correctly exact numbers can't be given because they
vary a lot depending on latitude and the mixture of the gases.

What I posted was IR blocking molecules were 95%+ water and 5%- other molecules.

What you posted (if I read it correctly) was greenhouse gasses are responsible for 15-40 % of the blocking. You did not say what was responsible for the other 60%+ of the blocking (I assume you are saying this 60%+ is due to H2O, but dont want to comment till you confirm this). There is an agreement of sorts that H2O is a GH gas, but you dont have to agree with this, but again until you make your position clear I will not comment.

Can you also state if you think the H2O mix in GH gas (or you can use the term IR blocking gas instead) is the 95/5% mix I claimed.

And probably 90% or so of the CO2 is from
natural sources, not man made sources.

hm the concentration of CO2 has varied been between 180 ppm and 300
ppm for thousands of years, we pushed it to 375 ppm. So our
contribution certainly seems significant to me.

Of course all this only leads to questions of climate sensitivity
(how much a doubling of the CO2 concentration would affect
temperature), while there are different numbers here again just
about every serious research points to a considerable warming

Posting ppm of CO2 is increasing does not address the issue of natural and manmade contributions to that increase. There also seems to be an agreement that man made CO2 sources are smaller (by an order of magnititude) than natural ones.

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