Lightroom vs C1 colours..please help..

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Lightroom vs C1 colours..please help..

I have a sample, just a quick snapshot that I didn't touch at all in Lightroom or C1. Everything at default. I didn't even correct the whitebalance.

My problem is the red shirt. It comes out with an orange cast with the Lightroom default setting. The shirt does not look like that. It's unnatural. Skin tones also suffer.

Lightroom version default:

(70mm, ISO 400, 1/25sec, f4)

C1 default with Magnes 5D profile hisat:

Difference may not seem huge in these downsized webversions. It is more obvious with original tiff files.

Here is where I need your help:
download the rawfile/xmp and make the the shirt look like the C1 jpg version.
Both can be downloaded here:

Another shot with corrected white balance. Otherwise default settings.


Again I prefer the more natural looking C1 conversion. I wish someone could come up with a 5D preset for Lightroom that would render colors more neutrally (without loosing vibrance of the colors) and naturally.
best regards

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