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Human nature?

Art Caputi wrote:

As I said, I don't dispute global warming, I just think there is
still some question as to to the contribution of mankind's
activities. As far as a "growing consensus" I don't think, by
definition, you can have a consensus if anyone in the group
disagrees. Of course, if you exclude from the group anyone who
does disagree, it's a lot easier to achieve a consensus.

I would quote Michael Crichton in "Next."

"The ultimate lesson is that science isn't special - at least not
anymore. Maybe back when Einstein talked to Niels Bohr, and their
were only a dozen important workers in every field. But there are
now three million researchers in America. It's no longer a
calling, it's a career. Science is as corruptible a human activity
as any other. It's practitioners aren't saints, they're human
beings, and they do what human beings do - lie, cheat, steal from
one another, sue, hide data, fake data, overstate their own
importance, and denigrate opposing views unfairly. That's human
nature. It isn't going to change."

No it wont. And the majority in every field of human endeavor do NOT do the above. The fraud of "Piltdown Man," is not a product of modern times. Nor were any of the disputes before the Royal Society in the 1860's.

Dr. Creighton, has become the leading scieintic spokes person. In fact he's a star in this profession, being hailed in front of Congress to pontificate on the subject.

Scientists mocked the idea of global warming thirty years ago. Did they all become corrupt in the intervening time? They also mocked the germ theory of medicine. Were they bought off as new data became available?

Dr. Crietons arguement, as are the rest of his arguments, are disingenious at best.

And he is no more credentials for judging this aspect of reality than I do.


BTW, my wife drives a hybrid, my car gets well over 30 mpg, and my
house is very energy efficient, so it certainly isn't that I don't
think it is important to reduce fossil fuel consumption. I suspect
I practice it far more than most politicians and celebrities who
have jumped on this bandwagon.

Art Caputi

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