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Re: Global warming is either a religeon or a new substitute for communism

Tom McCarty wrote:

When the fella said all scientists agree with Al Gore, you were
supposed to know he was making a joke.. wasn't he? If not Jim Jones
is back in town.
Sadly if you disagree with the GW alarmists ( I like the GW
sticker, may make them balk ) they call you names, even Nazi...
honest, it has been in the papers.

LOL! As if you don't get called names if you agree with the majority of the scientists.

I would love it if you take a minute and get a few podcasts from
Dennis Prager's radio show.. just google to it....
The plain truth is there. He doesn't care if you agree or not, he
just wants clarity.

Now I also see the same people, PETA I think, are asking that some
polar bears be killed as they have been in captivity so long they
are accustomed to man.... and it is better to kill them than let
them live in an unreal world... hmmmm wonder if they are also
making a case for self annilation?

Sniff, sniff, it smells like someone has run out of arguments and is just throwing anything he can think of in hopes that some of it sticks.

For the record, it wasn't "the same people" (the people in discussion here being climate scientists) who want the polar bear cub killed. It is a single animal activist in Germany.


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