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Re: You would think that there are those who welcome global warming

As I said, I don't dispute global warming, I just think there is still some question as to to the contribution of mankind's activities. As far as a "growing consensus" I don't think, by definition, you can have a consensus if anyone in the group disagrees. Of course, if you exclude from the group anyone who does disagree, it's a lot easier to achieve a consensus.

I would quote Michael Crichton in "Next."

"The ultimate lesson is that science isn't special - at least not anymore. Maybe back when Einstein talked to Niels Bohr, and their were only a dozen important workers in every field. But there are now three million researchers in America. It's no longer a calling, it's a career. Science is as corruptible a human activity as any other. It's practitioners aren't saints, they're human beings, and they do what human beings do - lie, cheat, steal from one another, sue, hide data, fake data, overstate their own importance, and denigrate opposing views unfairly. That's human nature. It isn't going to change."

BTW, my wife drives a hybrid, my car gets well over 30 mpg, and my house is very energy efficient, so it certainly isn't that I don't think it is important to reduce fossil fuel consumption. I suspect I practice it far more than most politicians and celebrities who have jumped on this bandwagon.

Art Caputi

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