the polar bear climate change photo

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Absolutely right

44Magpie wrote:

Well, thanks for the view from the far left. Now please go back to
worshipping at the shrine of Clinton/Gore.

See these mindless scientists are more or less leftist robots. Would they claim that global warming was occuring unless they got their marching orders from Al Gore?

Of course they wouldn't.

In fact all of them completely denied that global warming was occuring until they saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

Yup, that's it. Go search the net, you wont find ONE mention of global warming dated before the release of that movie (and if you do, it's probably the work of leftists forging the dates).

Now to be frank, I haven't seen the movie, and to be even franker have No use for Clinton, and while I would say the same about Gore, the truth is that he's growing on me - Even though I wouldn't vote for him for President (or Senator, or dog catcher).

But strangely enough, I'm under the impression that this is not a political question - rather a scientific one. Silly of me, I admit that up front.

Al Gore could be a serial killer and alchoholic - A child molester and a secret agent of insurance companies - Strangely enough - That's not the question - And in fact raising it, is really, really pathetic.

To my mind, turning this into a political question is absurd, just as turning evolution into a political question is absurd - But hey, if that's the way you want to look at the world, enjoy it!


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