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Chipsthe1 wrote:

dipics wrote:

Actually, to a degree, both are happening. There is more snow in
the interior (it is one of the driest deserts in the world, if it
warms up any that allows MORE snow) but the ice shelves around the
edges are pulling back.

There are those who feel the ice shelves, at the Antartica, are
breaking is because the heave ice and snow pack have pushed the ice
shelf further out to sea.

I have seen no evidence at all that the ice shelf has been (or was) pushed further out to sea. Could you please cite some.

After much study I have concluded global warming is the result of
the collections of National Geographic. People never toss those
things out and the collections have reached critical mass. The
weight is compressing the earth which is producing heat. The
result, global warming. I have worked this out in some detail and
can, if you wish, provide the complete proof of this occuring.

It's ot Nat Geo. It's internet porn. As everyone knows, the internet is growing and porn is the hottest segment of it (pun intended). The result is obvious.


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