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Since your seventy five

Chipsthe1 wrote:

I feel connected to the human race but gave up windmill tilting a
few years back. The darned windmills kept winning.

I recall on trips to Washington from New York how every damn river was a rich color or brown or slimy green.

I recall that In Westchester County (just north of New York) you could see only a handful of stars...

And some people tilted at windmills and the clean air and the clean water acts were passed.

Those who pushed these measures were attacked for their Junk Sceince.

I recall when cars got 8 miles to the gallon, and yet there were those who tilted at windmills and demanded that MPG be doubled.

They were attacked as destroying American industry, with "unrealistic" goals that would destroy the enonomy.

Combating global warming COULD be the greatest spur to economic development that the world has ever seen. Pushing new technologies, pushing for a new environmental realtionship does NOT inherently mean "sacrifice," anymore that having clean water and clean air means sacrifice.

What those who stick their heads in the sand are demanding is sacrifice. Because if one does nothing about the hand writing on the wall, at some point you have to pay up in a hurry - And that indeed will be a sacrifice.


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