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Re: Err, no

Chato wrote:

But I, a young man, one year short of sixty disagree. I'm not
married, have no children, but as part of a strange phenomena, feel
connected to the human race, of which I actually believe myself to
be an integral part...

I have absolutely no quarrel with what you choose to believe.

No, the Antarctic ice pack is receding...

No, actually it is not but there is considerable difference in how the ice pack forms in the Artic as opposed to the Antarctic ice. The latter is a more seasonal formation while the Artic is more of a full time coverage. The Antarctic ice increases about 0.8% a decade. Or so some experts claim, I have never gone to the Antarctic to check it out. Nor have I made a trip to the Artic to ascertain how much shrinkage occurs there each decade.

I feel connected to the human race but gave up windmill tilting a few years back. The darned windmills kept winning.
Shoot lots of pictures, always fill the frame

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