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Re: Symbolic of ... absolute rubbish!

The fact of the matter is that virtually all scientists agree that global warming IS happening and that the vast majority agree that the most likely cause of the bulk of the warming is the emission of 'greenhouse gases' (CO2, methane, etc) due to the activities of man, most notably the burning of fossil fuels. There are a very small number of scientists who argue that the warming is entirely due to natural solar cycles etc, however this is very much a minority position and should not be presented as a 50/50 split in the scientific community, or anything even approaching that. On virtually all scientific matters, especially the interpretation of empirical data, there are disagreements between scientists and in this respect global warming is no different - that is how science 'works', through debate and argument.

It is interesting to note that those 'scientists' who argue that man is not responsible for global warming are usually the same people who previously argued that global warming is not happening at all. Most have now 'admitted' that they were wrong on this point, but have now contrived various spurious reasons in order to argue that man is not responsible for the warming. I have little doubt that these people will be proved wrong again.


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