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Re: Scary.

Matt Nelson wrote:

Wow - the anti-global-warming voices here are pretty scary.
Complete denial that there may be any merit in the opposing camp's

On the one hand, you've got a bunch of scientists saying "Human
activity is causing the planet to warm." On the other hand, you've
got a bunch of scientists saying "Human activity is NOT causing the
planet to warm."

Not that many, actually. There is quite a lot of agreement on this. Among scientist that is...

At best, there is some debate about the issue

The problem is, we've only got one planet to experiment with. If
it's true that humans are changing climate (either warm or cool,
btw), then we are on the road to really screwing up the planet in
ways that we may never be able to reverse. If not, then no worries.

With those kind of stakes in play, I say let's play it safe until
we know for sure. Me, I'm trying to reduce my energy consumption.

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